Why Not Take it Back to the Old School?

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I may be dating myself with this story, but I can picture it now, a group of teen boys all crowded around the television set with eyes glued to a pixilated man making his way across the screen dodging block barrels and fireballs, everyone getting more excited as the action intensified.

Then, at a critical moment, the infamous controller jam takes hold and frustration that more closely resembles panic breaks out, and the crowd goes into a frenzy!

Everyone starts screaming at the one in control to push this or that button, go the other way, jump over that guy, or something else that never helped the person actually trying to execute all the commands being thrown at him.

Now, if you thought having granny as a backseat driver was bad, you’ve never experience the hormonal fueled panic of teenage boys that are about to lose the progress they’ve been working on all weekend. Literally, all weekend with very little to no sleep. The game must be finished!

Gamers these days have it too easy.

The graphics way too enjoyable and the controller response time is way too efficient.

But, I suppose even with the well greased buttons of present day, there is the new frustration of lag not getting your commands in.

Or, what if you missed the button on the underside of the controller that is the hidden gem of the new dawn of controllers?

Game over.


Anyways, back to point of reminiscing about the glorious games of yore…

How many times do you wish you could go back to those days and relive your memories by playing the games of your youth?

Well, now you can.

Did you know that Gamestop sells retro consoles?

Not only do they sell consoles, but they sell the games that go along with them.

How cool is that?

So, you can properly geek out like the days of old with good ole’ 8 bit music and graphics!

Yes, delicious!

No need for the fancy, high-tech game decks. Just gimme the stuff my childhood dreams were made of. Blocky, clunky, but oh so full of magic 🙂

You know, sort of like Minecraft!

Go on and get yours here! Or, if you want to stay in present day, you can do that too, and they’ve got great deals.