Traveling Abroad? THIS should be part of your emergency kit.


Have you ever experienced traveling abroad and your bank cards don’t seem to work anymore?

Or worse, losing your wallet with all your cash and bank cards?

What a problematic situation to be in, and it causes so much stress that your trip can be ruined faster than a speeding armadillo.

But, worry no more because there is an easy solution: WESTERN UNION.

Western Union is the global leader for money transfer and payment services. With services in over 200 countries and territories, and performing transactions in more than 130 currencies, Western Union is your go-to company in wiring money globally.

The next time a bank transaction fails, or you’ve found yourself cardless when traveling abroad, don’t panic because money can be easily transferred to wherever you are. And, it can be made available to you in an instant, in whichever currency you prefer – local currency, US$, Euros, etc.

With Western union, you can be assured that emergency aid arrives when it’s needed.