This Groundbreaking Device Generates Drinking Water from Humidity

Trekking, biking, running or any physical activity requires hydration and FONTUS is all about that. No more panic attacks when your water level is running low as this device is designed to refill your water bottles through condensation. FONTUS caters only to biking enthusiasts and advisable for long bike tours.

Here’s how it works:

Fontus, which works using solar power, can produce 0.5 liters of water in 1 hour. It consists of a condensator functioning like a cooler, connected to a series of hydrophobic surfaces that repel water. As the bike-mounted gadget takes in air, and these surfaces get cold, you’re left with condensation, Retezr says, also explaining that: Because they’re hydrophobic, they immediately repel the condensed water that they created, so you get a drop flow [into the bottle]. Basically, you’re taking air in a vapor state and converting it into a liquid state.

Usage in city bike tours is discouraged as the moisture collected is often contaminated and the device has no purification capability yet. Overall, still a work in progress but the future is bright for FONTUS.

According to the inventor this is how the filter works:

At the moment, this device contains a filter that prevents dust and insects from falling into the water. However, there is no filter that protects the water from potentially harmful contaminants. Kristof Retezr commented in this saying: The water you get is clean, unless the air is really contaminated. We’re thinking about making a bottle that also has a carbon filter, and this one would be for cities or areas where you might think the air is contaminated. But, originally, this water bottle was thought to be used in nature, and places where you wouldn’t have contaminated air.

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