The Spectacular Benefits Of Non-Exercise: How Little Movements Add Up To A Healthier Day

Spending a minimum of 8 hours a day in an office, sitting in front of a computer most of the time, is not really healthy, especially when you don’t make an effort to exercise 3-4 times a week.

Hitting the gym, going for a night jog after work, or even something as simple as taking a walk after a day’s work will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. But of course, we all have our excuses for not doing so.

Maybe there are meetings the entire day that wear us out, dealing with a difficult client can be very tiring, or maybe we’re just lazy and prefer to watch our favorite TV series as soon as we get home.

Which, is very understandable.

But still, something has to be done.

Fortunately, there is a solution for people who hate going to the gym, or exercising in general, and it’s called “non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT)”.

NEAT encompasses things that burn energy but aren’t technically exercise, such as walking to work and doing yard work. But it also includes more subtle activities, such as gesturing while talking and tapping your feet under the desk. It’s lots of little, seemingly unimportant motions that can add up to something bigger: enough energy expenditure that you won’t gain weight, even if you’re eating too much. People can burn 100 to 150 calories an hour by increasing their NEAT (and lose up to 30 pounds a year). NEAT can account for an 850-calorie difference a day in energy expenditure—all from activities that aren’t a full-on workout or exercise routine.

Several companies have already adapted this NEAT-innovation since its inception. Walk-and-talk meetings are being encouraged, allowing people to get up and walk around during what would be otherwise a typical “sit-down” meeting. It’s all about anything to keep people moving during meetings and at the same time, make it more fun, like throwing a ball around or stretching.

The important thing here is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and to just keep moving.