The mStand: How does this stand compare to say, putting my laptop on a brick or phone book?

This was a real question, asked with supposedly genuine interest, from a shopper on Amazon when viewing the mStand (a space-age, Mac-pretty laptop stand.)

Compare to say, putting my laptop on a BRICK or a phonebook..

For starters… whaaat?

If that’s a legitimate alternative I’m going to start selling phone books on Amazon under ‘laptop stands’. It’s recycling! Though, to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I saw a phonebook.

Even the annoying ones they would leave on your front door in the middle of the night so you couldn’t protest having one have dried up in recent years.

So, okay, the mStand is competing with a phonebook. But a BRICK?!!

Why do I envision a brand new Macbook Pro, sitting in a square room with bare concrete walls covered in tossed-away promotional fliers (why get paintings, mud smearing is also free) on top of a stolen garbage can and a few bricks.

It’s for this reason alone I feel compelled to show you the #1 bestselling mStand (Turns out, not available in all countries). This way you can choose for yourself which is better.


… and here is. A brick.


The mStand you can grab at Amazon, and somewhat surprisingly, it is the #1 bestselling laptop stand. This is probably due to it’s Mac-pretty looks, convenient sloping down feature and the fact that nobody has yet started selling competing bricks.

Get the mStand here.

For a brick, well, take a walk in an industrial district. It’s like money on the ground people.