The Ins and Outs of What makes a Good Camp Mattress.


Good Camping Beds. Where are they, and how do you find them?

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but nothing will bring that good time to a halt faster than having to sleep on cold, lumpy ground.

Being uncomfortable will hamper sleep and make everyone irritable and tired.

Using good quality bedding however, will help make sleeping outdoors much more comfortable, allowing a good night’s sleep.

You can wake up refreshed and ready to start your day hiking, canoeing or just relaxing.

Sleeping bags are the traditional method of sleeping outdoors, but putting even the best sleeping bag on the hard ground can prove uncomfortable.

However, using a sleeping bag in conjunction with a camping bed can provide comfort and warmth.

Camping beds are sold in outdoor sporting goods stores, and can also be found by shopping on the Internet.

There are a variety of camping beds available and one is sure to meet your needs.

Inflatable beds are beds that are cushioned with air. These require use of an air compressor or pump to inflate, which can add unwanted weight.

There are also self inflating beds available which provide convenience, but cost a little more.

The beds provide a comfortable sleeping area. Some inflatable beds are bulky, though, and may be also be heavy. Because they are inflatable, there is also chance for puncture.

Ensure they are used on flat ground with no sharp objects in the way. Inflatable beds come in single sizes all the way up to king size to fit more than one person.

Cots are a great way to stay off the ground.

Because they are raised, these are ideal for use in wet weather or cold weather. Adding a sleeping bag on top of the cot will provide warmth and a bit more cushion.

Cots are portable and fold up easily to store in small areas. However, they may be awkward to carry long distances. Cots typically are for single use and have weight limitations.

Sleeping mats are foam liners that are set beneath a sleeping bag for added comfort. These mats are standard gear for anyone looking to take to the trail or need a light weight sleeping mat solution.

The foam absorbs any rocks or hard surfaces that may prevent a restful sleep. These mats come in varying thicknesses and roll up for convenient storage.

Sleeping mats are generally easy to carry and are a good option for use when not near a permanent camp site. Smaller thickness mats may provide minimal padding, so it advisable to invest in a high quality mat.

Like this one for instance:

Do not take this task lightly, choose a camp bed with care.

Consider the type of environment you will be in and weather conditions before making a decision.

Whether you are going to be heading into the backcountry, or doing a little car camping, consider the weight and portability of the type of bed.

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