Spring has Sprung New Blends at Starbucks


When do you think of coffee the most?

Or, better question might be when do you enjoy your coffee the most?

Are you a don’t speak to me until I’m at least halfway through my first cup person? (Grumpy Conan-the-Barbarian speak right here.)

Or, are you more of a coffee compliments my morning rather than not existing before tasting the day’s first brew? You know, civilized.

Regardless of which kind you are, there’s one thing all coffee drinkers have in common, we enjoy a damn fine cup a joe!

Now, we know by now you don’t have to go to the local coffee house and hang out for hours in order to appreciate a good cup. In fact, I bet you can appreciate a fine cup right in your home.

The slow morning where it’s only about savoring every sip. Everything just seems to stop, and all that’s left is you and the taste of your beloved nectar of life-giving force. And, you love that moment don’t you? I hope you do anyway because it’s a marvelous experience that needs to be appreciated.

Anyways, let’s talk about what makes coffee good.

Consistency could be considered the key in making coffee taste good.

Who wants to bounce from uber weak to unbearably strong between every batch? And, isn’t it nice when the coffee tastes like the description says it should?

Or, how about when the “I don’t know how to make coffee” person makes the coffee? Good God! Watch out, Myrtle’s going to have a heart attack!

This, I will never understand. But, I will continue to ponder, and maybe one day I will have a realization.

What if you could take “human error” out of the whole deal? Coffee fairy grants your wish every morning-style.

What if, all you had to do was push a button and WHAM! the creme de la creme of all coffees right in your cup?

You want a little more? No problem. Just adjust a few settings and you’ve got a big daddy to go!

This, what I speak of… is real.

You can have it and it can be GLORIOUS!!!!

Starbucks has a new machine that can be your own little barista-bot 2000 and NOW! Giving you consistent knee wobbling-ly good cup after cup, morning after morning.

What’s even more beautiful than owning your own barista-bot? Ordering one from your couch.

Which you can do.


And, since you’re there getting your fancy new house barista, you might as well get some coffee to go along with it. 😉

Enjoy my friends and sip on!