Share Your Special Moment With Everyone


When something really exciting happens in life it’s had to contain it, and you want to share it with everyone.

As you should, because everyone is going to be just as excited as you, if not more-so.

This can be any kind of exciting life event mind you.

Whether it be a birth, wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, holiday party, whatever the occasion, is your place to go for the best stationary!

And, in case you haven’t already finished your Christmas cards, or even started them like me, here’s some great ideas to help you get the holiday cheer out:

See how easy that was?

And, how great did all of those look?

Wouldn’t you be over the top getting one of those from a loved one in the mailbox?

I would be.

Let me remind you that Tiny Prints isn’t just for holiday cards.

You can make custom calendars, cups, apparel and much more.

For instance, I love this idea for hosting a dinner party:

You may have just watched that and thought to yourself, “I’m not a professional chef, or caterer.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter.

Even at a casual get together, presentation still goes a long way.

And, you can just have fun with it!

Thats the most beautiful part about being able to design your own stationary.

You get to create the feeling behind the message, which is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

You know that horrific sweater you got from Aunt Judy that one year?

How would you like to receive the equivalent of that in your mailbox for a happy holiday card?

You wouldn’t, would you?

Nor would anyone else, I assure you.

So, be kind to yourself this year.

Be kind to your loved ones.

Get your stationary at Tiny Prints, and everyone will be happy 🙂