Ready to turn your kids into Paparazzi?

We all, and I may be dating myself here, remember the ole polaroid camera that entertained us for hours in our youth?

From taking not so gratifying pictures on unsuspecting subjects to the first generation of selfie, before it was even a thing to do. Look at us being the trend setters 😛

Well, how about giving that same instant non-digital gratification to a youngster in your life!

There are so many cameras in the marketplace to purchase, and choosing which one to get your future Paparazzi can be a difficult task.

For this reason, the Fujifilm Instax mini 8 is designed to give children, or beginners, the best experience.

There are several features that will make children fall in love with it in an “Instax”. It is perfect for little hands and the controls aren’t overly complicated like they can be in some of the more advanced cameras.

Plus, if they break it, it won’t break your bank as it’s more affordable than some of the competition out there.

One feature worth noting about the camera is that it recommends the correct aperture setting with a flashing LED. If you don’t know what “aperture” is, don’t worry because you’re not the only one. The main point is it will help capture the perfect picture.  
It also comes in all kinds of fun colors! No longer are you restrained to the old boring way of silver of black. Let’s get a pop of color and have some serious fun! Or, imagine all of the accessorizing options you’ll have when you get one of each color offered? Or, you can keep to your black and silver color scale as they have those colors too.

Beyond aesthetics, the camera is built solidly and will provide you, your child, or whoever is using it with many years of use, or for as long as their attention is held by it.

No more to the photo booths in the creepy part of malls, or having to be shoved into one with someone you don’t want to be with at a party you don’t want to be at. Now, you have full control of who’s picture you take or is in yours. Live strong future paparazzi!

The Instamax 8 is very portable and can easily fit in a bag or purse, or man-purse, which makes it even more appealing to have, as you don’t have to worry about big luggy lenses.

Check it out here and get to snapping!