Petco’s Delivery Service is Your New Best Friend.


It’s been a real busy day, full of errand running and other activities that leave you completely drained by the time you reach your door.

But, when you’re greeted by your favorite furry friend, all of your cares melt away and the stress of the day lessens with each stroke of Sparky’s fur as he wags his tail in utter joy.

Unfortunately, your love-fest ends when you look to Sparky’s bowl and realize the one thing you forgot in all of your hurry throughout the day was his food.

Exhausted, the thought of going out to retrieve dinner for your little guy just isn’t very appealing.

Getting your sweats on and starting a bowl of popcorn before sitting down and watching Sparky’s favorite movie, “Best in Show”, is more of what you had in mind for the evening.

Pet-Pampering Reaches a New Level with Delivery Service!

deliverydog Well, let me share with you the good news that you can relax, leave your sweats on, shake off the “I’m the worst parent” pit in your stomach feeling and go ahead and put the movie on because Petco has just released a new service called “PetcoNow“.

PetcoNow is the revolutionary on-demand delivery service for all of your pet’s needs.

By using PetcoNow you can now place an order from Petco’s catalog of approximately 13000 products – including all food (dry kibble, wet, fresh, frozen, freeze-dried), treats, toys and other supplies, and have it delivered to your door in under an hour.

What?!? I can’t even order a pizza for MYSELF that’ll get delivered in under an hour!

So, go ahead and treat Sparky to something nice tonight. He deserves it.

And, you deserve to spend more time with him.

Plus, when you place an order that’s over $10, delivery is free!

Now, you have no excuse.

Give it a try!