Are Gondolas a Viable Mode of Public Transit?

It’s interesting to think about using a gondola every day as your main mode of transportation.

Is it even a viable mode of transportation?

Some city’s think so.

Take Portland, OR for instance. Thousands of people use the Portland Ariel Tram as their main mode of transportation for commuting each day.


Not only does this wonder give you an easy option out of the slow car bound commute, but offers splendid views of the city and surrounding areas.

Which also makes it quite popular for folks visiting the city.

And, it looks like Portland isn’t the only other major city entertaining the idea of ariel commuting.

I found an article about plans to create a gondola from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Now, you may have just had the same reaction I had, which is how in the hell are you going to make something like that work in a city with so many people?

It’s one thing, I would think, to have hundreds, maybe a couple thousand of people throughout the day, but and entirely different one to have 10’s, if not HUNDREDS of thousands of people use using it throughout the day.


A few years ago, Williamsburg resident and real estate entrepreneur Dan Levy went skiing and marveled at the efficiency of the mountain’s new gondola lift. The cabins were so large that he felt like he was on a New York City subway car. And then it dawned on him: Why not build a gondola lift in the city? When I first covered Levy’s plan to connect Williamsburg and Manhattan with a gondola lift , I laughed. But now that repairs stand to shut down the subway connecting the two boroughs for years, I’m feeling very serious. Brooklyn needs this gondola now.


This is where the gondola plan comes into play.

In the past four years, Levy’s been working on turning his idea—which he calls the East River Skyway—into a reality.

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