A Lobster Lovers How To: Crack, Crunch and Munch Tasty Crustaceans

The other day I had a serious hankering for lobster. Is it lobster season? Are they tastier in the winter? I’m not sure. What I did wonder is this: I labor to optimize many facets of my life, so why haven’t I ever learned the best way to eat lobster?

Seriously, my plan of attack is to stab, crunch, grind, beat and mangle its way into my mouth.

While I enjoy the end result – nobody likes seeing it go down.

If I can learn the perfect way to fold my clothes, something I never considered, for sure there’s an amazing way to eat crunchy critters. And guess what? There is.

I found the method on Lifehacker (of course).

I love crustaceans. Lobsters, prawns, crabs, and crawfish are some of the tastiest things our beautiful ocean has to offer, but all those shells and legs can make them intimidating. Knowing how to eat them is an important skill, and we’ve rounded up some of the best tutorials that teach you.

Prawns, Shrimps, and That Dreaded Vein

Getting to the meat in both shrimps and prawns is pretty easy but, unless you don’t mind eating a digestive tract (and some people really don’t), you need to know how to devein the things. There are a few ways to go about this.

The first method is simple enough. You simply twist the head off, gently peel off the the shell, starting on one side of the body and gently rotating the meat out, and remove the tail by squeezing it while gently tugging out the meat. Once the shrimp is peeled, gently run a small, sharp paring knife down the back of the shrimp, spread the meat, and pull out the vein. You now have a nice little shrimp or prawn, all ready for the barbie (or pan).

Check out this video for some visual reference:

A Lotta Lobster

I love the taste of lobster, but until recently had been timid about ordering a whole one, worried that I would make a fool of myself trying to disassemble the giant bug of the sea. The dude in the below video walks you through the whole process in an easy to follow manner, while pointing out the every single piece of “succulent meat” you might have missed on your own.

The technique of eating from the sea is one that shall evolve over the next few generations.

If you want even more techniques on how to crush crustaceans:

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