How Sibling Rivalry Can Be Good for You


Emerging from the same group that created the wholesale trade giant, Alibaba, Aliexpress is now making waves in the same industry but at a much smaller scale. You may think that Alibaba and Aliexpress are directly competing against each other, but not technically because Aliexpress caters specifically to buyers who are looking for orders in small quantities with fast and secure shipment.

How does it differ from Alibaba?

  • From its inception, AliExpress was intended to be Alibaba’s express channel for wholesale transactions.
  • Unlike Alibaba, AliExpress does not charge any fees on registered members (both suppliers and buyers).
  • A small-scale wholesale platform with minimum orders for as low as 1 item and also comes with express delivery.

Like any other online transactions, Aliexpress also comes with a risk, and one of the most prevalent is being scammed by fraudulent suppliers. Aliexpress assures its members that a thorough investigation is being conducted before certifying a supplier but to be on the safe side, here are some helpful tips to consider before buying:

  • Verify the supplier’s identity.
  • Verify the supplier’s manufacturing/trading capability.
  • Confirm the supplier’s authorized signatory.
  • Order a sample first to check the quality and to ensure that the product is what you are looking for.
  • Search for online complaints or comments about the supplier.