Here’s How to Keep Track of All your Passwords


Tired of keeping track of all your passwords and bank cards details?

Are you always worried of losing your phone because of all your personal details in it? Have you ever been a victim of email hacking, where you send SPAM emails to your friends? Or worse, being a victim of hackers using your email to ask for money from your immediate family? It has happened once or twice to one of our family members or friends, and these hackers really know what they´re doing!

Anyway, it´s time to be smart about all this and turn to Avira, the most trusted security software with more than a 100 million users worldwide.


  • Offers FREE Antivirus for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Notifies you in case your email account was leaked in a security breach.
  • Helps you find your lost phone by pinpointing its location on a map and protect our identity with its mobile security services.
  • Avira Vault, available in iOS and Android, allows to store passwords, bank card details and even photos.

Too good to be true? No, it´s the real deal so try Avira now!