Google Maps Now Allows Voice Guidance Disabling During Calls

Google maps has always been a good, reliable friend especially when you are passing through uncharted territories. And, like any other friend, it can be annoying at times. Specifically, when making voice calls and the voice guidance is continuously running at the background.

Thankfully, this issue has been resolved with the latest update of Google Maps (version 9.20.0).

To take advantage of this feature, follow these simple steps (how to disable voice guidance feature while you carry out a conversation with someone else on the line):

  1. boot up the Google Maps app
  2. pick the 3-line menu that is located in the upper left corner of the display
  3. head on to Settings > Navigation settings > Play voice during phone calls
  4. un-tick the box and you’re good to go.

h/t ubergizmo