Fresh Finds are Here!

I remember getting ready for school shopping, just busted through a pair of jeans shopping, spring shorts shopping, and I outgrew that old jacket shopping.

Ah, think back to those days when it was out with the old and in with the new.

The scent, the overall joy of feeling the fresh fabric being pulled over you. It’s an experience I still cherish today, although I have to say I’m getting more attached to the old and worn out than I used to be.

Did you ever play hide and seek under the seemingly endless burrows of clothing racks? I did. In fact, I think I may have almost been left behind on more than one occasion 😛

Where did most of this happen for me growing up? JC Penny. And, with all the new kids on the block of department stores I would’ve thought JC Penny would’ve disappeared alongside so many others. But, they have managed to stay in the race.

Not only stay in it but remain one of the leaders. Which is shocking when you think about all that they have been through.

And, it remains an iron-clad giant dedicated to bringing you the best in department store experiences.

They’ve revamped their approach. Instead of being more or less known for bargain basement pricing, they’re taking the right steps to really bringing themselves up to date with the modern generation.

That’s good if you’re looking to buy clothes for steadily growing teens, or need a set of new pots and pans for your first apartment.

Speaking of your first apartment; probably need some furniture to go in there huh?

Did you know that JC Penny carries leading brands of furniture manufacturers? They do. No lie.

So, let’s think about this. Where can you find a store that just by mention of name it brings back nostalgic feelings of childhood youth, but get to experience it as an adult?

Or, if you’re a child reading this. Breathe it in man! Breathe it in because it will be there when you are older and go searching for nostalgia.

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