Fine Worldly Goods Shipped Directly to You.

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It’s always a desperate search trying to find the perfect handcrafted work of art to bring back from your travels.

Does it reflect the local culture?

Are the materials properly sourced?

But, when you find it the whole world is aglow with magic!

The quest has been completed.
Now, what if you like the worldly “feel”, but can’t get out of town in order to add to your collection?

The answer my friend is Cost Plus World Market.

More specifically, let me introduce you to a new development they have called “Craft”.

Craft breaks the mold of online shopping, allowing a new way for individuals to shop for unique handmade works by essentially crowdfunding artisans’ designs.

How it works is World Market’s “scouts” go out and find truly rare and unique designs artisans from around the world are working on, and post them to Craft’s site.

Then, fellow travel-bugs/ worldly people, such as you and I, get to pre-order the item. And, if there are enough takers, item is made and shipped!

Talk about a great way to connect with people and infuse your home with travel-inspired pieces!

Everything is limited edition too, so you know it’s not being massed produced in a factory.

If, for whatever reason the item you pre-ordered doesn’t end up being made, your order will be canceled and your card not charged.

The designs change frequently, so be sure to check in and see what’s coming up next.

Some of the past items they had were beautiful handcrafted scarfs, elegantly carved chests and chairs. They even had a rickshaw!


Imagine the day that got delivered 🙂

So, if you want the rare and hard to find, well, you just found it.

Click on the image below and check out what they’ve got cookin’!