Faster than a Speeding…. Drone?


How would you like to travel 22 metres per second and as high as 4500 metres?

That would be pretty freeing wouldn’t it?

Can you imagine the views from that height?!

I’d imagine they’d be pretty sweet!

Although, you personally, may not be able to go quite that fast or that high, you can get yourself a high speed drone.

Or, how about not only a high speed drone, but one with a 12.76MP built-in camera that can take 4k Ultra High Def videos?

Oh yes, I know….. Deeeeelicious!

In no time you will soar off into the sky, and capture everything in stunning quality. That way you will be able to relive the adventure time and time again 😉

The DJ1 Inspire 1 Quadcopter drone is your ticket to aerial adventure

It’s speed and ability to gain some serious altitude is impressive if I do say so myself.

Plus, the camera specs are off the charts, but one thing that I shouldn’t fail to mention is how you get to watch what’s going through the lense, LIVE!

Now, you don’t have to wait to connect your drone to a computer to see what kind of awesome shots you got.

You get to watch it all go down!

All you have to do is wirelessly connect the drone to your smart phone or tablet, and you have a 720p feed.

The DJ1 also has 64GB of internal storage, so there’s plenty of room for recording long flight sessions.

If you feel too intimated to try flying a drone, you can relax because there’s a built-in feature that makes the drone take off and land at the push of a button!

If you prefer to have manual control the entire time, then you can.

If the weather isn’t cooperating with your flight schedule, the DJ1 can be flown safely indoors as well.

What will YOU do with all the possibilities?

Last time I checked, Argos had them on sale.

Check it out below!