A 22 MPH electric skateboard for $1,499? Why the hell not…

Have you ever wanted to ride a floating hoverboard? Me too. But cry me a river, we’re not there yet.

Instead, I offer you the amazing opportunity to transform into a land-torpedo.

Enjoy a Magical Riding Session with an electric skateboard

Made possible by the Boosted Dual+ (2000W) Electric Board. This “electrical vehicle” (Flash Gordon monkey-cruiser in the right altered state) will ease your movement when running errands on campus or in your neighborhood.

That’s right, who doesn’t need to rocket across campus like a self-guided cruise missile at a whopping 22 miles-per-hour?

Powered by a lithium battery, the skateboard features powerful motors, an efficient braking system and a simple remote control.

This hover-board (as the literature describes it. I think they mean your body as it leaves the gravitational orbit of the planet once the board stops but you keep going) allows you to go wherever you want with as little effort as possible and in the most convenient way.

Advanced electric skateboard technology

The electric skateboard comes with 3 inbuilt microprocessors, several sensors, and a mobile connectivity feature (one can assume so the cruise-missile can be operated remotely). The skateboard is designed to be amazingly reliable and exceptionally powerful even after continuous use for hundreds, nay perhaps thousands, of miles.

The best thing about this skateboard is that it is designed for use by everyone – both new and experienced skateboarders. Don’t believe me? Slap your granny on this smooth-gliding-snail-boat and see for yourself.

According to the site the board is, “a lightweight hover-board weighing 13.5 pounds thereby making it easy to carry it when indoors or aboard a public transit vehicle. In addition to this, you can vary the skateboard’s speed depending on your level of expertise. If you are new to riding hover-boards, you can start with a speed of 10 mph and increase your speed gradually to reach the maximum speed of 22 mph. However, it is worth noting that high speeds are only recommended for pro-riders.”

Fine, fine. Granny should probably wait.

Your mobile phone controls the motor speed. If you are climbing uphill, you can increase the speed to your preferred level and when going down hill, you reduce the speed accordingly.

The good part is with a price tag of $1,499, there’s at least a reasonable chance you can also afford health insurance. Once all those “pro-riders” start hitting the roads expect there to be some good watching on Youtube.

To be one of those road sky-captains, here’s your board.