A Gift Box of Camping Gear Every Month

Camping is fun. It’s a way to go into the far reaches of the world and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a way to enjoy nature in its most raw form and at its very best. Grabbing bags of gear, a tent and the endless jangle of camping gadgets.

It’s like preparing for a real-life adventure isn’t it Frodo?

But you know what some people like more than camping? The gear. The gadgets, gizmos, and accessories.

C’mon, don’t be shy. We all know someone like that. Hell, YOU could be someone like that.

Men often complain about women having way too many shoes (and they do). But you know what buddy? Go check the garage (the man-closet). Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Some guys don’t have time to go camping that much, but they love the stuff.

When you’re holding the new llama milker 2000 from REI, you can already imagine being out in Peru, lost in some ancient ruin and in need of immediate sustenance. Lo and behold, you stumble across a llama pack and you… why, you have just the tool for the job!

I get it. We love the dream of what could be.

Waiting for that one perfect season where life suddenly opens up: no job pressure, no family pressure, the weather is an epic fairy tale. It’s the moment you’ve been prepping for.

My friend, if you or someone you know has just such an addiction there’s a company yodeling your name. Campbox Co. is a company dedicated to providing the very best camping gear for “camping enthusiasts” (ie. gear hoarders).

They test camping gear every month. This gear can fall under one of three categories; its seasonal impact, its seasonal relevance, its pack-ability and its durability.

In theory, this means whatever they are reviewing is in season. Then guess what happens next?

Like Christmas, Easter and vacation suddenly landed on the same day – they send you a box full of camping goodies every, single month.

And they do this for only $40 (Been in REI lately? You’re practically breaking-and-entering at that price.)

Because… wait for it… this isn’t some box of stuff some other gear hoarder hocked out of his garage. The gear comes from some of the world’s most reputable camping companies.

This is how Campbox Co. helps bring together camping enthusiasts and ensure they always enjoy their camping experiences, real or imagined.