The Desk Lamp Enters the Space Age

The humble desk lamp is one of the most underrated pieces of office equipment. People have forgotten its once proud, adorning role.

Day by day the lamp is losing it importance and becoming a living fossil.

Ye Olde Library Lamp

Once upon a time, desk lamps were all the rage. Right there with smoking pipes.

That’s all history now. Your poor eyes? Yep. Screwed. Keep staring at that glaring monitor Billy.

Unless of course, you open your eyes to the new horizon of lamp technology. We’re talking Star Trek level.

Just kidding. We are talking about lamps here people.

Still, this little doozy has…

  • Smart touch light control
  • USB port to charge your phone
  • An auto-timer of all things
  • A bulb that will last 25-freaking years. It will basically become an intelligent cyborg before it runs out.
  • And a swivel arm that can go any direction you want

Stuffy, stained-glass grand daddy lamp? Not this guy.


If you’re sold on moving your desk into the modern era (or want to see more info)…

This Star Fleet level lamp is at Amazon.