Are You ready for You 2.0?


I originally stumbled upon Sammy Dress when I was in a “last week before Halloween and I haven’t even started to think about a costume” crunch.

I was impressed with their halloween selection, figuring that most of it would’ve been run of the mill pre-fab costumes, but it wasn’t. They had some really great stuff!


From there, my relationship with has blossomed from a one time grab-and-go, to me being reliant upon them for just about anything wardrobe and home decor related.

You don’t have to be an established fashionista to appreciate their strong fashion forward selection for apparel and decor.

I am, by no means a fashionista, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to keep a little fresh seasonal fun in the closet. And, I don’t want to break the bank updating my flare.

SammyDress allows me to do just that. Keep current without half my income going to the cause.
It also allows you to take some fashion “risks” without investing too much.

Time to rethink the knee-sock trend?

Yeah. I’d probably say it is. Good news is, you can at SammyDress 😉

I’ve never had a problem with their quality and have always been satisfied with what I’ve ordered. Now, I can’t confess to having something I’ve bought from them for 10+ years, this is a new discovery in the brave new world of online fashion shopping.

If you’re looking to spruce your look up a bit, and have a bit of daring, then this is the perfect place.

Here’s the best part. If you check out the new arrivals below by clicking the picture, you’ll be able to take an additional 50% off!

What more can you ask for? No, really. What?

Seize the fashion friends.