All aboard the Groupon Train!

Whether you’re looking to signup for the latest “dudes n knitting class”, or something a little more adventurous then you must, if you haven’t already, check out

Groupon is a unique site offering significant savings, anywhere between 40-70%, on products, services, and travel packages. These savings give you a unique opportunity that can literally change your life, or lifestyle.

Groupon works by giving its members, membership is free, the ability to go in together on a group coupon, or “Groupon”, for a specific product, service, or travel package. Now, there has to be a certain threshold of buyers met before the deal goes live. Once that threshold is met, then the deal is on!

As an example, there’s a new gym that opens up in your town, and they have an offer that gives Groupon members 50% off membership fees, but there has to be at least 100 people that take the deal. Once there are 100 people that buy the deal, then everyone gets the deal offered.

The offer can also have a cap set as far as how many people can get the deal. So, to use the example from above, let’s say the deal would only be available to a maximum of 200 people. That means if you were the 201st member trying to get the deal, it would be a no go for you.

I don’t want you to think this site is only for gym memberships because it’s not!

Groupon has a variety of categories you can choose from. If you want to find your next favorite local restaurant or coffee house, then check out their local category, which offers all kinds of deals that are being offered in your area.

They even have an app where you can see live deals that are near you. How cool is that?!


If you want something you can hold in your hand rather than in your stomach, check out their “Goods” category. This is a relatively new category for Groupon, but one that is definitely worth having a look at if you’re doing a little online shopping because you can find some great discounts.

For instance, about a month ago they had the GoPro 4 Black and Silver editions on sale. These were brand new units, not refurbished ones (sometimes they offer refurbished units on their site so it pays to have a look at the fine print). You couldn’t find GoPros on sale anywhere else, even refurbished ones. Believe me because I was looking. And, I bought one from Groupon 🙂

Beyond their “Goods Deals” and “Local Deals” are their “Getaways Deals”. I was recently in Costa Rica and met a couple that had purchased a travel package for Costa Rica through Groupon. I asked them about their experience with purchasing their travel package through Groupon, and they said it was a great one. Best part of it was they saved thousands of dollars compared to if they had booked everything themselves. No kidding, thousands of dollars!

If you ever needed inspiration to travel, I think that’s it.

Ready to change your life? Then it’s time to join. Join here.