Adult Coloring Books Invite Creativity And Bring Comfort, Study Shows


If you think coloring books are only good for kids, then think again. Recent studies show that Adult Coloring Books, also known as the Mandala coloring books, are good for the mind and body, and bring comfort.

Art therapy, in and of itself, is a mental health profession that involves creating artwork that develops social skills, manages behavior, explores feelings, and reconciles inner emotional conflicts, among other things, according to the American Art Therapy Association.

Many psychologists have used this adult coloring as the next best thing to meditation and as a means of relaxation and calming tool. Here are 3 reasons that show health benefits of Adult Coloring Books:

  1. Coloring reduces anxiety and stress

  2. Coloring stimulates creativity in the brain

  3. Coloring relaxes the mind and the body