7 Fascinating Ways Researchers Are Using Social Media


Considering that almost a billion of the world’s population is using social media, it came as no surprise that scientific researchers took this opportunity to observe people and social phenomena in an online “natural environment”.

Why Are Researchers So Interested in Social Media? It’s a no-brainer, just think about all the information that is readily available on social media platforms. Information such as demographics, likes and dislikes, even views and opinions on certain subjects. Data gathered can provide substantial, though not necessarily conclusive, results.

How Does Social Media Research Work?

Unlike classic observational research, online posts allow researchers to not only see how people are reacting to events but also to potentially gain insight into the meaning behind their reactions – a depth of knowledge that has previously been nearly impossible to accomplish through observation alone.

Here are 7 fascinating new studies where researchers use social media data:

1. Social Media and Mental Illness
2. Social Media and Police Threat
3. Social Media and Emotional Contagion
4. Social Media and City Dynamics
5. Social Media and Predicting the Future
6. Social Media and Predicting Personality
7. Social Media and Emergency Awareness