Things to Consider Before Applying to be an Austronaut.

I remember when I was a kid and we were always asked what we wanted to be when we grew up.

The answer was often from the “top 10” list of what children wanted to be when they grew up list.

And, sometimes it deviated into lesser known occupations and professions.

But, regardless of what my future self would ultimately be, one thing remained the same, my fascination with space. And, more-so wanting to venture out and explore it.

Now, I’m sure that there were, and are, a great many more people out there that also wanted to be an astronaut, and maybe it is us all that will eventually make it out there.

I mean, someone’s got to go right?

But, before you go and start suiting up for your first space walk, you may want to consider these three things before you submit your application to the space program.


Odds are, at some point in your life, you probably considered a career as an astronaut. Between the kick-ass suits, exploring the unknown, and that whole zero gravity thing, it looks like a pretty great gig. Also Space Camp seems like buckets of fun.

Sadly, many of us traded in this dream for something a little more realistic. For those of you who never gave up hope, however, I have some great news: For the first time in decades, NASA is hiring new astronauts for future deep space missions.

It’s the first time humans will venture past “low-Earth orbit” (anything higher than about 100 miles above Earth) since 1972, so they’re looking for a few new recruits with diverse professional backgrounds and areas of expertise.

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